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Feb 14, 2001 05:55 PM

Need name of place Jim talked about on radio

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OK, sorry if it's here somewhere, but I spent quite awhile searching for it with no luck.

Over the weekend, I heard about Chowhound in a radio interview, but I didn't catch much. The interviewee, whom I took to be Jim Leff, raved about a special dish of stuffed baby chicken at a restaurant whose name I missed (I was driving in a snowstorm).

I want to find out the restaurant (in SF Chinatown) and the name of the dish.


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  1. Bill, welcome!

    it's the R&G Lounge, and it's been well-discussed on this message board...use the link below to see the start of one discussion about it.

    Also, now that you're here, tell us some really good stuff YOU'VE found! This is a large community of really dedicated eaters, and we swap tips.


    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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      Bill Prescott

      Thanks, Jim!

      OK, here's my take on some of the local chow.

      1) Cho's on Calif Ave in Palo Alto I've been going to since he opened. Famous for potstickers, but don't overlook the pork buns, which are the best I've had anywhere, including some in Hong Kong and Canton. Of course part of it is the fact that it's usually less than 30 seconds from steamer to mouth.

      2) Ce Soir on Monterey Highway in South San Jose is a gem. It's a Caribbean place, but the proprietess makes everything on the menu really great. That is, it's not just the gumbo that's good, but the fish sandwich, bacon & eggs breakfast, ... everything she touches. It's like, "Mom! Can you make me some ..."

      3) Right next door is a liquor store turned BBQ place. It's good BBQ, but the smell of it, the hickory logs stacked up burning under a smoker in a corner of the parking lot, is unbelievable. The only drawback is the repartee of the owner (can't find the take out menu, but I believe it's called Robert's), which is jocular with customers, but belittling/abusive to the staff, whom I assume to be his wife and daughter, and it can get very uncomfortable. But with the loss of all my favorite EPA BBQ places (i.e. Goldies), anything local is worth noting.

      4) The Wagon Wheel up Carmel Valley Road is a great breakfast place.

      P.S. Out of area, but things I love:
      a) Hi Class Pizza on Jamaica Avenue, Queens. Very typical but always great. Cheese slices, Sicilian or Neopolitan, are food I could live on with nothing else.

      b) Brasserie Margaux in the slightly down at the heels Warwick Hotel. For breakfast I had Eggs Benedict made with delightful lox instead of back bacon and the hollandaise was real and just made--the way it always should be. It was SO good, and so much better than traditional eggs benedict I'm surprised it's hard to find.

      Question: living in Los Altos, which is not exactly a chowhound mecca. Does anybody know anything decent here? (Silan, so-so; Jocco's, usually pretty good, but getting too expensive for what you get; Adobe Creek, so-so; i Fratelli, disappointing; Maltby's, good with kids, but food is, well, English--mixed bag; Sahtkar, enjoyable family run Indian; Le Tour Eiffel, boy are those ladies bummed out or what; Bandera, hyped up crap (2 out of 10 times I get something good, but it's always gone from the menu next time); Chef Chu's, sure; La Bag, OK for a drink, but food always disappoints; ...)



      1. re: Bill Prescott

        You asked about places in Los Altos, but are you willing to drive just a bit? Sent Sovi in Saratoga was very good, though pricey, the one time that I was there.

        1. re: Bill Prescott

          Bill--you'd be much more likely to attract Los Altos tips by starting a new thread with "Los Altos" in the title....which will tend to be read by people who live or work thereabouts.

          great message, though. Please don't be discouraged that it hasn't attracted comment...your tips will be gratefully stowed away and enjoyed at some point by a whole lot of people.