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Mar 23, 2002 09:17 AM

Unscientific Survey #2-Do you do this?

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When going out to eat, the hubby and I have an unwritten rule: never order the same thing. He shares a bite or two of what he orders, I do the same, and more of the menu is sampled. One will get the yummy-sounding salad, while the other gets the rich and comfortable soup. One gets fish, while the other gets meat. One gets chocolate, while the other gets fresh berries. It is a way for us to indulge our passions. How many other chowhounds out there do this, too?


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  1. We've always done this. Never thought about it. Doesn't everybody?

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    1. Please don't tell me that there are a people in the world who *don't* do this?! What could be less interesting than two people ordering the same dish when eating out together?!?!?

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      1. re: James G

        Being forced to eat something you don't want because somebody else at the table ordered what you wanted first, maybe?

        1. re: ironmom

          Good point. My spouse and I share a tacit understanding about this; ordering usually involves prior negotiation between us ("What are you gonna have?" "Well, what are you gonna have?" "Well, I thought I'd get the fish and chips." "Hmmm, I was thinking of the fish and chips..." "Well, I could go with the calamari...")

          But when I'm out with other people (and not at a family-style place where we're going to share everything anyway), I guess I wouldn't hesitate to repeat someone else's order, 'cos I can't count on being able to taste from everyone's plate the way I do from his. ;->

          1. re: C. Fox

            And what's with people that don't share bites? Ordering different things doesn't mean much if the person won't allow a wandering fork from across the table.

            I wonder how many girls I horrified during my dating years by sneaking a taste of their meal???

            1. re: Bill

              I was, of course, thinking about groups of friends or family where a small number of people were present. Cannot imagine everyone ordering the same dish (even weirder: people at a Chinese restaurant where more than one person orders the same thing; seems to me they do not understand the communal nature of CHinese food ordering).

      2. My wife and I do this as well. In fact, we usually insist that our friends follow this rule as well.

        1. I always do this as well. But what happens when your dining partner doesn't offer a bite? What is the protocol? Do you simply ask outright for a taste? I usually offer a bite of mine and figure the other person will counter offer. But I've seen it happen where no counter offer is returned...and then what???

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          1. re: Ronna

            I usually wait until he or she goes to the bathroom or some other time I can grab a bite from the plate when they're not looking. Just kidding.

            How about a nice, "How's your dish?" with puppy like look of longing on your face? That usually works for me. But if I'm out with someone I don't really know, I guess I'm stuck with the smells.

          2. My wife has an unwritten rule: If she likes what she ordered, I can't have any. But if she doesn't like it, she gets mine. She's not a chowhound, but I love her anyway.

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            1. re: Bob

              Hey, at least she orders things she MAY not like. That's a step in the right direction, no?

              1. re: C. Fox

                Good point. And I get to try things that I wouldn't have thought of to order, which has possibilities.