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Mar 22, 2002 05:29 PM

kimchee plus

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growing up in los angeles
and living in nyc for 5 years
i have found it difficult to find
good korean bbq (soot-bull style)
anywhere else.
do people have suggestions?
is anyone interested in a chowhound outing?
i know what to order,
i just don't know where, yet.
also do people know of an authentic
chinese-korean restaurant with dishes like
jha-jhang-myun (sweet fermented black bean noodle dish)
and jham-pong (spicy seafood noodle soup)?

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  1. Have you tried the Secret Garden on Arlington Blvd in Falls Church? I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I think it might fill the bill.

    1. Yes, Hana's in downtown Frederick, Maryland,

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      1. re: Liz

        Does Hana's have a wide variety of kim chi? If not, what authentic Korean place would you suggest for a wide variety of extremely spicy kim chi and lettuce-wrapped pahgogi (sp) (Korean barbeque you cook yourself).

        1. re: Kelly

          I wish I could link you to a website for Hana's but I don't think they have one. It's a tiny restaurant with one woman who does all the cooking. I don't think they have more than one kind of kimchee but the menu offers a good variety. A new place, Asiana, on Market Street in Frederick has a larger menu with, I believe Korean and Japanese choices. The link offers not much more than a phone number and address but the restaurant has a pretty extensive menu.


          1. re: Liz

            Great! I'll give those a try. Thanks a lot.

            BTW, went to Sam Woo last night in Rockville. Excellent service and excellent Bulgoki, and lots of food for a very reasonable price. I see why it was Best Of for so many years.


          2. re: Kelly

            i have typically bought
            1/2 gallon jars of mak-kimchee
            from han ah reum in annandale.
            they have other pickeled items as well....
            their chong-gak-kimchee (radish) is quite delectable.
            i've had their pickled cucumbers, also good.
            and the cubed radish (kak-doo-gee) is yummy.

        2. for korean barbecue (their specialty), Han Sang Ok on Columbia Pike in Annandale, in the same strip mall (at the end) as Fresh Fields. Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City is pricier, but it does have some very good barbecue and naeng-myun. (there's an LA and NYC branch of Woo Lae Oak too)

          I also read about a jja-jang myun/jjam-pong place in Annandale a while ago, but i can't remember its name - the Washington Post had a feature on annandale's "koreatown" two years ago.

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          1. re: sunshine

            can you give me the cross streets for han sang ok in annandale?

            1. re: christina

              han sang ok is on columbia pike in the same strip mall (at the end) as the fresh fields store in annandale (also on columbia pike). i'm not sure of the nearest cross-street. if you're going west on columbia pike, the restaurant will be on the left side. hope this helps.

          2. It isn't a restaurant per se, but Korean Korner, a grocery store in Wheaton (on Viers Mill Road and Randolph Road) has a lunch counter that has the dishes you mentioned.

            Not only is the cooked food good, but their produce is hard to beat in the DC area (fresh and very cheap).