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Feb 14, 2001 02:20 PM

Fine dining in SF for a group

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I will be hosting a meeting in SF in March and need some direction as to restaurants in the city. The attendees of this meeting will be high level executives from two companies. I need to have this dinner be perfect and without incident. In other words, food, service and atmosphere are all need to be top notch with no flaws.

Please provide suggestions for high end, elegant restaurants that can accommodate 25 - 30 people for dinner. We will be staying in the Union Place area, but the location doesn't really matter as long as it is in SF.

Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Several fine restaurants have lovely private dining rooms - Farallon is in Union Square, Boulevard has the L'Avenue room - which is nice, but not that attractive. Check out Farallon's website ( where you can see photo's of the private dining rooms...

    1. During my working days (retirement is Wonderful!!!) I set up a lot of dinner parties for groups of 20-30. I found the best and most convenient to be Empress of China. Not world-class cuisine (nor world-class prices) but Good and great ambience. If you have 20-30 people, you can probably get all three large banquet tables in the special room. Discuss your needs with the banquet manager (used to be Jimmy Wong...maybe still is). For 20 years, I had nothing but raves from out-of-town visitors. If you have doubts, tell the banquet mgr you'd like to check out the menu at lunch. You may be able to have your own bar in the room, especially if you reserve during the week.

      1. I think One market Restaurant would be a good choice. I have had many business lunches there and did one dinner for 25 that went off perfectly. The service is always very professional and the food is top quality ingredients American regional style. This is part of Bradley Odgen's group of restaurants, and there is a new chef that just recieved a very favorable review. You can see sample menus and pictures at The have 20 foot glass walls with a view of the Ferry Building. I attached the review to give you an idea.


        1. My company had a sales meeting with some clients in January at Le Colonial. We had about 25 people there, and they set us up in this private room upstairs. We had a private bar and sitting area next to the tables. It was a great space, almost like being in someone's house.

          I never look forward to these meetings because the food is usually really bad (we often do these meetings at large hotels because we need the space). But, I was really surprised, the food and service were quite nice.

          It was the first time we tried having one of these things at a restaurant, but I hope the trend continues. I can't eat another "greasy salad/rubber chicken/bread pudding" go around.

          Good luck.