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Mar 18, 2002 08:03 AM

Authentic French in DC metro area?

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We are looking for an authentic French place in the DC metro area for a big birthday party for 10 people. Must be excellent food, wine, etc. What can you recommend?

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  1. I have never been there, but according to what I have read (which probably duplicates what you have read), Gerard's Place is the most likely candidate. Also you might consider Jean-Michel in Bethesda, Le Colline, or Bistro Bis.....

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC

    1. I like Bistrot Lepic on Wisconsin Ave. in Glover Park. Delicious, authentic and quite reasonably priced. I recently read in the Post (can't recall if it was in the Food section on Wednesday or in the mag. on Sunday) that Bistrot Lepic has a private upstairs room for parties just like the one you're planning.

      1. Since the sad closing of Lion d'Or, there is no classic French available in DC. Perhaps La Colline, but that's on the Hill, and I haven't been to the Hill since a school field trip 35 years ago. There is lots of bistro food around, but I don't consider that classic either.

        Gerard's is very, very good, but not "classic." It is also very small, and a party of ten might seem crowded. If you haven't been to Marcel's, I'd recommend that. I think Wiedmeier(sp?) claims it's Belgian/French, but that's pretty close. It's a big, attractive place. I've had some wonderful meals there. Sweetbreads with mushrooms, boudin blanc with onion compote, skate with wine and capers, veal tenderloin in a wine reduction, and many others. Unfortunately, I've had some "off" meals when I've wondered who was in the kitchen and how the waiter got got his job. Notes of this board, however, suggest that those problems have been solved. Regardless, you'll love the large selection of fairly priced Rhones.

        And don't forget to report back whatever you decide.

        1. Bistro du Coin, north of Dupont Circle, at Florida and Connecticut. Get the mussles.

          1. what about petit plats in Woodley Park on Connecticut?

            Food is very good and not quite as expensive as Gerards.