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Mar 17, 2002 07:38 PM


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while browsing the message board I've come across a few references to duangrat's and rabieng, both sound enticing. Where are they? Any other good tips for vietnamese, thai, salvadoran or other latino eateries to graze in during an upcoming trip to DC?

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  1. They are on Route 7, between Baily's Crossroads and Seven Corners on the north side of the street. Duangrat is easier to see, facing the street. Rabieng is around the corner so it's harder to see when driving by. The former is more expensive and I find the latter very satisfying.

    1. Where will you be staying in the Washington D.C. area? If you have the opportunity please check out Rabieng. Here is the address and phone number:

      5892 Leesburg Pike
      Falls Church, VA