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Horrifying Kriste - Dobbin Donut and Deli

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Based on Johnlw's post in the Columbia thread, I got up and went for breakfast at Dobbin Donut and Deli, on Dobbin Road just north of Oakland Mills.

Because I'm 42 and attempting to watch my weight, one of the things I keep in mind when eating is what my friend Kriste, who is the healthiest eater I know would think of what I'm consuming. WWKD is my motto. That's not to say I don't eat unhealthy meals, but I do so consciously and much less frequently than I used to. Frankly, she would have fainted at what I was served. It was great, but I'll be eating rice cakes for a week.

The place is your standard strip mall joint: formica floor, formica tables, styrofoam coffee cups, fluorescent lights. The only decoration is posters for Tahitian Noni Juice, which is apparently some sort of direct marketing product that's infected Columbia's Asian community: I see the ads in their businesses all the time.

After placing your order, you sit at one of the tables. When your food is ready, the woman at the counter looks at you and nods, which keeps you from getting too involved in your newspaper.

I ordered a ham and cheese omelette, and a side of bacon. It came with two slices of white toast that had been soaked in butter, and greasy and delicious home fries cooked with onions and green pepper. The omelette was two eggs, with big square slices of ham and American cheese. The bacon was forgettable: poor meat to fat ratio and not quite cooked enough. I went upscale and grabbed a bottle of Nantucket Nectar orange juice from the cooler, rather than the cheaper stuff.

The entire meal was piled on a styrofoam plate, and it was served with a plastic knife and spork. I would have preferred a real plastic fork, but it worked well enough. My entire bill was $5.99.

My heart won't take eating there too often, but it was good and filling. Definitely a better bet than standing in line for 20 minutes to eat a sub-par breakfast at Bob Evans, which is as far as I know one of the only other options in Columbia for a weekend breakfast.

Thanks John: good call.

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  1. Not for the weight watcher's set.

    La Madelaine, up by Target has a nice cafeterial style breakfast. My wife loves their scrambled eggs.

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      It's OK but not better for weight watcher's either. Lots of butter. My two biggests problems here (for breakfast) are the high prices for what you get and the sub-par service, especially for weekend breakfast. I've seen many a person (including myself) have to hunt down food that either got forgotten, given to someone else, or got shuffled in the order of things. In general it's good but still not all that.