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Mar 15, 2002 09:35 AM

Tosca: Has Anyone Been?

  • j

My wife and I are going tonight and I'm just curious if anyone has been and their thoughts. Unlike Obelisk and Laboratorio it has received relatively little mention on here.

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  1. I wrote a pretty long review of Tosca back on February 11th. I liked it a lot, so does James G., and I think you will too. It's a real well run shop. Sophisticated. We'll definitely be back.

    Beware: that area of town could be pretty crowded with the big game tonite.

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    1. re: Bill

      Bill, I apologize to you and James. When I scolled down I must have gone too fast because this time the letters T-O-S-C-A in the title jumped out at me! Thanks for the response and also to James. If they have the barbaresco I will order it. I'm really looking forward to dinner. Along with about 20,000 others nearby!

      1. re: Joe H.

        I am sorry I did not see your question until today, but I was in NYC (where I have to say, I had some truly incredible meals--more on this in a subsequent posting). I am a big fan of Tosca, since it's one block from my office, and you hit on one of my favorite dishes there, the scapinasch. Did you have the Lodali Barbaresco? I ended up buying a case of it and opened one bottle recently and it was not as good as I remembered it, so I hope that I did not steer you wrong!

      2. re: Bill

        Easily the equal of Galileo or Goldoni with several outstanding dishes including "Scapinasch" which is ravioli stuffed with aged ricotta cheese and raisins along with a rich sauce of butter and sage. Superb! An entree of sauteed Chilean sea bass filet with a creamy porcini mushroom sauce atop chunky braised vegetables also was excellent. Butternut squash risotto topped with a whole shrimp had the proper texture but the flavor lack intensity. The fairly priced wine list included a '95 Fontodi CC Reserve which is drinking beautifully right now. At $65.00 this is probably only a 50% markup over the store price.
        We will come back.