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Mar 13, 2002 08:03 PM

Late night fare in Baltimore - suggestions?

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I am attending the Baltimore opera Saturday night and I am looking for suggestions on places in Baltimore to grab a late night bite(after 11pm).

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  1. The Baltimore Opera House is a short walk from this place, a little divey corner diner. I used to live up the street and got their pizzas and gyros all the time. I'd recommend Al Pacino's for pizza in that neighborhood, but it closes at 11, like most of the nicer restaurants on Charles Street.

    Avoid Gampys at all costs. The "food" tastes like hell, unless your idea of nachos involves three low-fat Doritos and a thimble full of Cheeze Wiz.


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      Never On Sunday had a fire about 6 weeks ago and is still closed for repairs. Many people mid-town are starving.

    2. Tapas Teatro right next to the Charles Theater. Good food. Wine list has some nice inexpensive finds. Open until 1:00 AM on Saturday's (at least they used to be)

      1. Depending on where you're going afterwards, some options are: Sip & Bite on Boston Street is open all night; Paper Moon on 29th is also open very late; Ixia on Charles evidently has a late night lite fare menu; and the Red Maple on Charles is open until 2 am.