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Mar 13, 2002 11:42 AM

Chesapeake WIne Company... Worth a Visit?

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Hi everyone!

Has anyone here ever been to the Chesapeake Wine Company in Baltimore? One of my mom's friends raves about it and when I asked my local wine guy about it he said it was worth a visit but didn't go into details (jealous).

I've checked the website and it sounds interesting. What do you think? Anything else in the area worth stopping at as well?


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  1. It is certainly worth a visit. The wine selection is OK. Nice inexpensive options as well some some hard to find items, but it isn't the largest inventory around.

    One of the best parts is the ability to go in and have a glass of wine with a nice cheese plate. The also offer flights of wine to try for a nice price.

    1. Are you talking about places to buy wine, or to hang out and drink wine. Of course you can do both at Chesapeake. So, worth a visit? Sure!

      Others of note: Bin 604 in Fells Point (or is that Inner Harbor East now?), The Wine Source in Hampden, Old Vine on Falls Road.

      For an encyclopedic run down of the Baltimore wine shop scene, check out Scooby Snax's post from a few weeks back. Worth a read for the extended metaphor alone.

      Cheers. . .

      1. Yes, it is worth a visit!!! I enjoy meeting friends there, having some wine together, checking out other bottles to take home too.

        They have good cheese and other goodies in the front counter, sausage, bread (Bonepart's bread, canned items, olives, etc. you may not find elsewhere very easily.


        1. Well! I guess I know where I'm going this weekend. Thanks everyone!

          1. CWC is definitely worth a visit; it's not just a wine bar but they also do fabulous drinks to go along with cheeses, pates, and sometimes individual pizzas. Great place to experiment with new wines and new drinks. The other day I had a "saketini" made with pear sake that was simply delightful.

            They often have tastings and other events. If you'd like to get on their mailing list, just email them at, and you'll get their calender.

            As for what's around there, there's literally dozens of restaurants and bars within five blocks. Fun place to spend many an evening.