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Feb 13, 2001 04:05 PM

Dim Sum

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Will be at 1 Embarcadero tomorrow where can I find a good Dim Sum restaurant in walking distance?

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  1. The closest two are Yank Sing and Ocean harbor (I think that's the name). Ocean Harbor is in one of the embarcaderos, can't remember which. I think it's second one closets to Battery. Yank Sing is outside the embarcaderos on Battery X Clay.

    Ocean Harbor is not that good in my opinion. Yank Sing is pretty good, but a bit pricey and have more non-traditional dishes (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you). The next closest ones I can think of are in China town and I don't know if you want to walk that far.

    There used to be another good one in the Ricon center, they served Shanghai dim sums, but alas, they were bought out by Yank Sing.

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      I think both Yank Sing and Harbor Village are pricy and excellent (although I have not been to Harbor Village for a few years). I was surprised at how high the prices can go at Yank Sing. Our bill was $190 for 5 recently, but we did order some of the most expensive stuff like the squab in lettuce cups, the individual peking duck on buns and a deep fryed soft shell crab among other things and we stuffed ourselves silly. All excellent as usual. The Yank Sing has a reasonably priced take-out annex attached. This is soon to close as the building is being demolished.

      The restaurant formerly in Rincon was excellent with have really good Dim Sum. I forget the name. The Dim Sum chef was said to be stolen from the penninsula HK Flower Lounge some years ago. They were not bought out by Yank Sing. They just didn't make it. YS moved in much later.

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        The place in embarcadero center is Harbor Village restaurant. The odd veggie dishes and tripe and innards soup are the best. This is quite a good place although they lost quite a bit of charm some years ago when they changed the uniforms of the hostesses to a version of the mens black suit. Peviouslly it had been a slinky singapore style shift with a short fur jacket. Very gaudy and excessive.

        The other Place mentioned, "Yank Sing " is truely one of the best dim sum houses in SF bay and surely the most expensive. They have the best selections of tea and some very nice specials and very large changing variety. They also treat their employees very well with profit sharing and even health insurence for some with opportunities for advancement. The advancement ops come from the fact that they are expanding their branches with small take out branches and they also bought out the place in the Rincon center (at Front and Mission st.), Wu Kong, Which was a SF branch of Francis Tsang's much touted hong kong restaurants (i"ve never traveled there). The new Rincon center branch is most nice and airy. More comfortable than the main plce on Battery st.

        Yank Sing hostesses also no longer wear singapore dresses, although their's wer less gaudy.

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          Thank you all. I believe it's going to be Yank Sink

          1. re: PJ.

            Yank Sing is way overpriced for the type of food you are getting. Harbor Village in the Embarcadero is as well. Their variety was much better in the past but now it seems like they are slacking. For a true Chinatown Dimsum experience with affordable yet good Dimsum, go to Gold Mountain on Broadway bewteen Stockton and Grant. For something a litte bit more upscale. I recommend City View Restaurant in the Commercial St. alley way between Kearney and Montgomery. Dim sum should be a fun experience that you get to try many different dishes at reasonable prices.

            1. re: holman

              All the aforementioned true (to an extant), but the original query was about those places close to the embarcadero center. Harbor Village and Yank Sing still have good quality, but have their specialties. Cityveiw is quite good and a lot cheaper but is not better on the average. I do like the fried shrimp balls and some of the other fried things more, but they like to accompany those with a mayonaise sauce; I simply ask for sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard and red vinegar when needed. If we are to go further afeild , dont forget Ton Kiang out on geary near 22nd av or you can take the caltrain down to milbrae and walk a couple of blocks over to Foo Yuen for a whole different set of goodies. But that would be a little extreme for someone in for a weekend at a hotel in thembarcadero center area.

              1. re: turvy

                Cityview and Gold Mountain are walking distance from Embarcadero. Besides they bring people to older part of the city so that they can truly experience San Francisco which is what traveling is all about.

        2. The receptionist at New Horizon training center, at Embacadero one, sent us to Embacadero 4 by Hyatt Regency where he said Yank Sing was located, after getting lost we asked the doorman at Hyatt Regency where Yank Sing was he sent us back to Embarcadero one and said make a right at Battery. I could not believe we were around the corner from Yank Sink before getting the wrong information. Dim Sum was very good and many different varity from what I've had in the past. Yank Sing was also more expensive from Furma in Fremont (closed now). I enjoyed it and will return again.

          To you all