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Mar 12, 2002 08:54 AM

New Job in Dupont Circle

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My fellow chowhounds,

Next week I start a new job in Dupont Circle and I am excited about my lunch eating options (definitely a factor in accepting my position). What do you all recommend?

Feed me!


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  1. Best Hot Dogs in DC are supposed to be at Johnny's Half Shell.
    Julia's Empanadas are on Conn just south of the circle.

    1. Burritos, enchiladas, and other excellent Mexican at The Well Dressed Burrito. Much better than Chipotle or the other burrito joints. On 19th between M and N in the west alley.

      High Noon has excellent sandwiches, soups, and salads (pastas are so-so), also on 19th just above M.

      Annie's on 17th St between Q and Corcoran has a nice burger.

      Fresh Fields on P between 14th and 15th has great sandwiches and other to-gos.

      1. When I worked in Dupont Circle some five years ago, Pesce had a great fish sandwich for lunch. I used to to to Gabriel's for beers, tapas, and basketball during tournament time. Those are two restaurants that I know are still there and have continued to maintain their reputation.

        Look forward to your reporting on the latest and greatest places in the area!

        1. Really good hot dogs, and a tasty gumbo. Seafood, simple and fresh.

          There's a good sushi place just down P Street, but the name escapes me.

          Luna Grill on Connecticut south of the Circle is also good.

          1. Haven't been there in years bt there used to be a Greek cafeteria called Zorba's just off the circle on I think Connecticut. You stood in line downstairs, ordered and watched them cook. There were about 6 tables upstairs. My favorite was Chicken Oreganata. They would cleave a chicken, put a hanfdul of fresh Oregano on the grill and sear the chicken on top of the Oregano. What an incredible smell.

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              Zorba's is still there, and it's still very good. Wonderful outside seating area in good weather. And that smell . . . .

              1. re: gourmound

                I've not been there for a couple of years either, but I always used to get the moussaka there--a good hearty meal for the money, which was particularly enticing on my food budget.