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Mar 11, 2002 08:00 PM

Are there any "must have " items at Kinkeads Restaurant?

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My wife and I will be in D.C. for only 2 days and we will be having dinner at Kinkeads on the 1st night, any recomendations on what we should order? Also, where should we go for 2nd night? Type of food or price is realy not a factor, we just love good food. Thanks for any help.

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  1. If the Lobster Gratin app is on the menu, you will want to strongly consider it - it is devine!

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    1. re: Terrie H.

      Did you mean that the lobster was deveined, or that it was divine?

      1. re: Bob b.

        Sorry for the typo. Shall we try "heavenly?"

    2. Pepita crusted salmon has been his signature dish since the day he opened.

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      1. re: Joe H.

        Growing up in Oregon and then living in Alaska while I worked in a salmon factory in college has made me the ultimate salmon snob - it seems no matter where you go...even some of the more upscale places they all use Farm raised atlantic salmon, which is nothing like the real deal and very fatty.....I have to say...I had the salmon at Kinkeads and would recommend it. It was excellent, and I almost never even try it even if the place has a fabulous reputation.... This dish did not dissapoint me.

      2. My husband grew up eating fried clams in Long Island and Maine. He thought Kinkead's fried clams were the best he'd ever eaten. They are plump, sweet, perfectly crisp, and greaseless. Served with a delicious tartar sauce. Seems a sort of pedestrian thing to order in an elegant place, but of the six dishes (appetizers and entrees) we ordered the night we went there, the fried clams were everyones favorite.

        1. I love the tuna tartare appetizer, the soup with manilla clams, the tuna main course, the mahi mahi, the striped bass...actually I love it all. Some of the best food are the side dishes...the cauliflower flan, the carmelized leeks. And yes, the fried clams are outstanding.

          Jim Zurer
          Washington DC