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Feb 13, 2001 03:48 PM

Vietnamese find in San Mateo

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My husband and I just recently started going to this little Vietnamese restaurant. It's great for the price and has lots of dishes I haven't seen before like what they call Vietnamese pot stickers, which are fried balls of rice with meat stuffing inside. I love these, absolutely faboo!.

It's called Saigon City and on 3rd St, right off the freeway exit. I don't remember the exact address, but it's on your left right before the KFC and the train tracks.

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  1. Been there several times and have never been disappointed - the pho, ban xeoh (sp?), bbq pork on french roll, etc. have all been very good. I think I recall a nice lemongrass chicken roll of some sort too. Good prices, little atmosphere, but very tasty traditional vietnamese.