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Mar 7, 2002 08:14 AM

Tea lovers? Looking for Tazo, longing for Tealuxe

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I've never seen anything about tea on here, so here goes...
If any of you have experienced Tealuxe (in Boston and New York and now, fortunately, online - see below) you know about tea obsession. I love tea and am pretty picky about my tea. Tealuxe has over 200 kinds of tea, from herbal to medicinal to 5 kinds of Earl Grey - gotta love it! I can get my tealuxe fix online, but I recently discovered a Tazo flavor I'm crazy about - citron - and I am trying to find a place to purchase their tea. Do they sell whole boxes at Starbucks? Anywhere in the city? Thanks for any pointers.

Any other tea lovers out there? Teaism is the coolest thing we have here in DC, although I don't get there very often. And the Chai shake at Tryst, while not exactly tea, is so yummy!


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  1. Yes, I know the allure of Tealuxe. It's funny when I'm in Boston I go to Tealuxe for the tea (five or so different kinds of chai, alone...) at Teaism I go mostly for the food, the tea seems so secondary there. And for those who are looking for the Tealuxe link:


    1. I found my Tazo! They carry it at the new World Market in Pentagon Row. Great store. Lots of other fun treats, nice wine selection, and much more.

      Sorry for the Doh there on posting the website. That's what happens when I haven't had my tea yet. :-)