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2 Amy's

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I am getting mixed reviews on this place. Is it good or what?

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  1. I thought the pizza was good, but we ordered two fairly simple pizzas and a calzone, one salad, two glasses of wine and a soda, one dessert and two cups of coffee, and the bill was almost eighty bucks! Yipes! We certainly can't afford to go there very often.

    1. I will say I've only eaten there once, on a busy Saturday, but both the pizza we ordered and the pizzas on both neighboring tables came out overloaded with liquid in their centers making it difficult to cut a piece of pizza, and impossible to eat without knife and fork. In addition, everything was overloaded with boatloads of olive oil, and what was supposed to be a "20-25 minute" wait was over an hour (for 2 people.) Other friends of mine have been and had almost identical experiences. Perhaps on the weeknights it's better...that's the only way I can see it receiving mixed reviews and not consistently poor.

      1. Two Amy's is the best Pizza in WDC. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The toppings are fresh and delicious, and the crust is like butter (2 sticks) without the fat. DO IT.

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          Yeah, take that 2002 reviews! Over five years later, your experience might be different.

        2. It's horrible. Don't go. Tell everyone you know it's horrible. Maybe, then I'll be able to get a table at a reasonable time.

          1. It's actually fantastic. I still dream of the Margherita Extra.

            1. The problem with your question is that you are just going to get more mixed reviews here. :) There is a never ending debate about whether 2 Amy's is actually good or not. Two different aspects get mixed together: the food itself, and the service/little kids running around/chaos that it seems to be most of the time. Some people have a problem with the food, some people with the way the place is run (and the little kids) and some have problems with both.

              Regarding the food, I've been there quite a few times and everyone I've been with has enjoyed it. This is not your standard American pizza, loaded with cheese and pepperoni. It's registered with an Italian board of pizza or something like that, certifying that it makes pizza in the "official neopolitan way". (A better description is on the website). I've spent some time in Italy (about 5 weeks - not a lot by any stretch) and have been to Naples, and I would say its the closest to that type of pizza I've had since returning. They also have other non-typical for the US pizza places items.

              I agree that it can be totally chaotic with all the little kids. I have not been there since they opened the upstairs, adults open section. Yes, its not the cheap Pizza Hut pizza that most of us are used to -- the prices start at $9 and go up to probably $14, for an "individual" sized pizza -- you could share, but my friends and I usually pig out and they aren't that big.

              I suggest going yourself to check it out. The best times to go, I've found, are right away on the weekends, or right before it closes. THere is almost always a wait, and not really anywhere to wait (another common complaint). I think its definately worth trying out, and hey, who can't eat any more pizza??

                1. The secret is lunch; nobody is threre weekday lunches. Complaints about a restaurant being busy on Friday and Saturday are falling on deaf ears. Good places are busiest those nites.... hello? Bueller?

                  Just try Monday or Sunday nites -- the whole city is different on those nites.

                  And the post above is right on: if you want Pizza Hut, go there -- if you have even a smidgen of imagination, go to Amy's.

                  1. Don't go, it's absolutely incredible and you not going means I will get my table faster which I need because I salivate thinking of this place. They have napoli style pizza which is really fantastic.

                    1. I was there on Monday night and my friend noticed that it appears they have started construction on the upstairs. I am not sure if this will make the wait more tolerable or if more people will attempt to go.

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                        The perceived quality of food is reversely porportional to the noise level. The food doesn't seem to taste as good when there are 8 kids screeching at the top of their lungs. I suggest if you're going for lunch, get there early, say before 11:30a. Otherwise, make it a late lunch @ 3pm. I fear that more seating room upstairs = longer waits for the food, but at least you get to sit.

                      2. it's really good. no kidding.

                        it's definitely a place you have to try for yourself. if you're into pizza and you haven't checked this place out, you're missing out...on the conversation (at the VERY least).