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Feb 12, 2001 02:36 AM

Jamaican food in the East Bay?

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Hi there, I live in Oakland, and was wondering if anybody has a favorite Jamaican spot?

thanks much


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  1. Not a cuisine I know much about, but I've enjoyed Mango Cafe in Palo Alto.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      Mike Vashenstein

      Melanie, I hate to break it to you, but Palo Alto is NOT the East Bay. But thanks for the tip for the Peninsula. I really dig this kind of food.

      1. re: Mike Vashenstein

        Wha...bu...really? Ah man, no *wonder* I can never find Albany in the area! Thanks! :-9


        1. re: Mike Vashenstein
          Melanie Wong

          that's what I get for typing while half-asleep - have you tried it yet?

      2. Here are a few possibilities:

        Jamaica Station, 4929 Shattuck in North Oakland. Recently got a less than glowing review in the Urbanview paper, but sounded like it might be worth a try.

        For sort of general Caribbean/California, try Tropix on Piedmont. The food was tasty though I doubt "real" (I'm no expert).

        I've heard good things about Ma's Roti Shop on Telegraph in downtown Oakland. It's food from Trinidad, not Jamaica, but is supposed to be great and very authentic.