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Feb 12, 2001 12:19 AM

Top Three Recommendations

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I will be staying at the Embarcadero Center next month and will have three evenings to to explore San Francisco eateries. I'd appreciate any recommendations from those familiar with the area. (I'm not looking for the high end tourist type attractions.)

Also, just saw a special on chocolate that had many references to SF. Wouldn't mind some suggestions for killer chocolate desserts in the area.


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    Barry Kaufman

    1. Rose Pistole - not on Michael Bauer's to 100 but great
    2. Delfina --- still the best act in town
    3. Luna Park --- not fancy but real good chowhound food with real value

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    1. re: Barry Kaufman

      I second the vote for Luna Park. Try the make-'em-yourself s'mores for dessert...alot of fun to eat and quite tasty, too. Enjoy!

    2. As far as your chocolate cravings - Alfred Schilling has a restaurant on Market St. just past Van Ness Ave. that features chocolate throughout the whole meal.
      Elizabeth Daniel is worth considering for one of your's a splurge but worth it.

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      1. re: gordon wing

        I tried the Alfred Schilling chocolate menu about 2 years ago. The dessert was excellent, but they couldn't get chocolate to work with the pork chops. I suggest going with Alfred Schilling for dessert, as the appetizers and entrees are not as good as other places that have mentioned here.

        I also remember having a superb chocolate souffle at Foreign Cinema in the Mission - it's made to order, which makes it all the more delicious. The other courses at Foreign Cinema are decent, but not fantastic. It's another dessert destination for me.

      2. If you are looking in the immediate area (Hyatt Regency in Embarcadero 4?) you are near Boulevard, Aqua and Cosmopolitan Cafe. But these might be what you mean by high end tourist places. Certainly the first two are high end, and certainly a lot of tourists (and locals) go there. Perhaps if you say what you are looking for (instead of are not) then I can be of better help.

        I can't think of too many bargain bites or non-tourist hole-in-the-walls in the Financial District. Have you been to San Francisco before? You are close to North Beach where there are lots of unusual places. Will you be eating solo?

        Cosmopolitan Cafe has a charming Chocolate Trio for dessert. The components change, so you can't be sure what is on it at any given time.