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Mar 3, 2002 03:55 PM

Eastern Buffet

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After having a very nice dim sum brunch this morning at Eastern Buffet on Patapsco Avenue in southwest Baltimore, our cart captain informed us that the dim sum menu may not be around much longer unless they start seeing bigger crowds. Apparently, it's not a very profitable line of business (special chefs, lots of equipment, low prices, etc.), so the manager is threatening to shut it down.

So, everyone head down there (2201 W. Patapsco Ave.) and see if we can keep dim sum alive in Baltimore. It's served 10 to 3 Tuesday through Sunday, though carts are used only on weekends.

Here's another post about Eastern Buffet:

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  1. Thanks for the warning Chris, I'll have to do my part. I've not been there in several weeks, and I've been meaning to take my friends as well. Definitely this weekend, and if I can skip out for lunch during the week, I'll try to do it as well!