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Feb 28, 2002 01:07 AM

Tyler Cowen Guide -- Reactions?

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He's posted a new (eighth) edition. Link below. There are so many tempting places on this list -- it's a tad daunting for those of us who can't go exploring very often. Are there any Chowhound confirmations that would help us begin to winnow down the many options? Anything over- or underrated? I'll give it a start -- initial visits to Ravi Kabob and Algazera were both wonderful, eye-opening. I had a handful of dishes last weekend at Joe's Noodle House that were were *much* better than anything I had there on my last visit, four years ago (and the vast menu promises many more Sichuan treasures).

Please chime in.


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  1. I did a quick read through yesterday and am very excited to get to some new restaurants as well as a few I haven't been to in a while. My only complaint about his list is his inclusion of places he hasn't been to but includes; all worthy of a visit I'm sure. Great reference and a challenge for the year to come.

    1. Detailed, but 2 creative criticisms:

      75-78% of the restaurants listed are in VA, ~15% are in DC & 7-10% in MD. I know Mr Cowen lives in VA, but many of the readers of his guide live elsewhere, and sometimes can't make it over to VA via those toll roads, confusing streets (1st St is in how any places?), & HOV requirements.

      Keeping list updated: it's big, so it's hard to do, but several of the restaurants have closed or changed cuisines, let alone names. Like El Encanto, Nuwadee, Aling Pacing. I don't mean a few months ago, I mean a few years ago...

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      1. re: Lori S

        As a Virginia resident I can't complain about Tyler's Fairfax-centric orientation. :>)

        As for places closing, that's just part of being a hound. There are so many of these little joints around here that I think it would be impossible for one person to keep tabs on all of them.

        Now, as for places Tyler still hasn't tried, I've read a couple editions of the guide and some, like the Bulgarian place in Winchester, have remained untried for years. Note to Tyler: try that place already!

        One last quibble: Tyler should stop wasting his time at more expensive places that everyone knows about. He needs to find us the best Sudanese and Tibetan joints, not tell us whether he likes McCormick & Schmicks or Legal Seafood better.

        Overall, it's a very valuable resource, even if you disagree with some of his conclusions.