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Feb 26, 2002 04:14 PM


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Has anyone been to a restaurant, i believe it's in VA, called "Saveur"? Thoughts comments opinions?


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  1. There is a place called Saveur on Wisconsin Ave. just north of Georgetown. I was there a couple of times when it first opened, probably 3 years ago now, and thought the food to be very good. It's kind of bistro-y, or provencial, but with a new-american flair. Nice presentation and good service. Unfortunately, it's not really in my neighborhood and I thought the decor lacked a necessary warmth (no tableclothes, etc.) to go out of the way for. Would be interested in an update.

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      Ordinary Lentil

      Also referring to the "Saveur" on Wisconsin Avenue north of Georgetown: I've been there three times in the past eighteen months or so, including earlier this month (Feb. 2002). The food is consistently very good. The menu on any given night tends to be fairly limited, but usually enough of a selection to satisfy. The atmosphere is relaxed and soothing; the main dining room is very quaint. The only words of caution I have are: be prepared for a long stay. Each time I've been there, the service has been extremely slow. I'm not sure if this is just their version of being unobtrusive or if they are just chronically understaffed. After being seated promptly, you can expect to wait at every stage of the meal. If you like to linger, this may not be a concern for you. Overall, worth a try if you don't have after-dinner plans.