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Feb 26, 2002 11:55 AM

Brittons on Howard Street

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My wife and I went for the first tmie to Brittons, a new soul food restaurant on Howard Street, and we'd like to heartily recommend the food. It was very crowded when we arrived Friday evening without a reservation (30 minute wait) and I was starved, so we ate at the bar.

We got steamed shrimp appetizer, which was perfectly cooked and had a nice Old Bay seasoning and cocktail sauce with a decent kick; lightly battered fried catfish with mac and cheese; fried chicken with southern-style green beans, and bread pudding for dessert. In the interests of time, let me just say that EVERYTHING was perfectly cooked--moist and well-flavoured, in a classic southern style.

I would add that the restaurant is fairly pricey--entrees in the mid-teens and the sides are extra. Also, our service had its glitches (we didn't get some things we ordered, but we were sitting at the bar). But all in all, I'd recommend it if you ever get the hankering.

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  1. hi asun! thanks for writing about brittons. i had lunch there last week but was very squeezed for time and opted for the buffet. as any chowhound worth their salt should know, NEVER eat from the buffet -- the food wasn't bad, but it consisted of two kinds of lasagna, plain baked chicken and rice, one soup and tossed salad, all for $10 which i found pretty pricey. i was hoping for mac and cheese, greens, fried chicken, maybe catfish or short ribs, that kind of thing, corn bread...mmm. your message has me all set to go back and do the right thing, order from the menu this time!


    1. My husband and I joined some friends on a Saturday evening for dinner. Fortunately, we had reservations but still waited. We enjoyed the ribs and jambalaya. I want to get back to try some more. Don't go without a big appetite!!!