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Feb 25, 2002 04:03 PM

Good Places to Eats In Falls Church?

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Hi DC Hounds! I'm going to be spending some time in Falls Church in the near future and am hoping to learn of some good places in and around that community. What and where's good for lunch, and dinner? I especially love Thai, Mexican and Vietnamese, but am an equal-opportunity food lover happy to take great chow where it is found!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Go to Eden Center in Seven Corners, where you can get great pho and can find Hong Que (Four Sisters), the best Vietnamese restaurant in the greater-DC area.

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    1. re: zora

      OK, since I've worked in this burg for close to ten years I guess I should jump in.

      Galaxy (Hue-style food), Hong Que, and Haandi are all good choices.

      Some more are: Pilin, Broad St. (Thai); Panjshir, Broad St. (Afghani); Myanmar, Lee Hwy. (Burmese! and damn good); Maneki Neko, Broad St. (recently opened Japanese, start with an order of edamame); Anthony's, Broad St. (Greek food plus subs, pizza, 'n' such); the lunch counter at the Han Ah Rheum supermarket, Lee Hwy @ Gallows Rd. (Korean); Tara Thai, Idylwood Plaza, Leesburg Pike (Thai); Mehak, Lee Hwy. (Indian); Argia's, Washington St. (Italian); Italian Cafe, Lee Hwy.

      That should get you started. When you are ready to branch out into Arlington, Tysons Corner, etc., just holler!

      1. re: Bob W.

        you forgot 3 of my latin favorites (that all right together locationally) Super Chicken, Blanca's and Victor's

        The lunch couter at Hahn Nan Ruem is great, but not for the faint of heart

        1. re: James H

          I would definitely give Super Chicken a thumbs up, and not just for the name. Haven't tried Blanca's, and for some reason haven't heard of Victor's, but I will give them both a shot.

          Caribbean Grill on Lee Hwy in Arlington also has outstanding chicken, with superb sides. I think their fried yuca is the best around, and their sauces are so good they had to start rationing them. :<(

          These little joints blow Chicken Out away. Their food has gotten to be so tasteless.

          I've tried to hit some other interesting Falls Church eateries in my "Adventures in Chowhounding" posts, so people can look for those too.

          1. re: Bob W.

            I prefer the chicken at Crisp and Juicy to that at Caribbean Grill.

            I go to the Arlington location, but I believe there's one in Falls Church, as well.

            1. re: Lori D

              the Arlington Crisp & Juicy is better than the Falls Glutch C&J.

    2. Two places in Falls Church are absolute musts: Galaxy on Hillwood Avenue for Vietnamese and Haandi on Rte. 7 for Indian.

      1. Go to Peking Village on Gallows Road between Lee Hwy and Route 50. It's next to what used to be a Levitz furniture warehouse. If you go, be sure to get the "Chinese" menu, which is on a laminated green sheet of paper, and which is in both English and Chinese. Among my favorite dishes here are their 'chen mapo dofu' (bean curd with meat in spicy sauce), 'shui zhu niu rou' (extraordinarily spicy beef over cabbage--it has a layer of chili about 1/2" thick on top of the dish), and pork with lama beans. Don't do the buffet whatever you do!

        1. Wow! What wonderful responses! I'm scribbling notes like mad and plotting where to begin. I'll certainly report back any great experiences or unexpected finds. Thanks again, DC Chowhounds! Especially for the Latino selections, I love Latino food but forgot to include it in my original request.