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Feb 25, 2002 08:11 AM

Ten-O-Six Baltimore

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Have heard many good things about this Thai/New American eatery on Light Street, but never got around to going until last week. My companion enjoyed yummy thai grilled squid appetizer, and I feasted on a mammoth portion of sweetbreads. We were informed theat there was no thai coconut milk soup, so we opted for crab soup instead. It was good, but I doubt it was homemade- a good quality canned version I think. Entrees were the Thai pork tenderloin and shrimp curry. Both were beautifully presented, and certainly satisfied our craving for Thai. Having said that, I am not sure we'd go out of our way to return for these 2 dishes, priced in the teens. Our 1st wine selection was out of stock; our backup selection arrived as the right producer, but the wrong grape...but gewurz is a decent runner up to riesling for thai, so we were happy just the same. All in all a good meal, but lingering doubts about QPR.

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  1. This is actually one of my top five favorite restaurants in Baltimore. Since eating there opening night a good three years ago, the food and friendliness of the place has remained solid. Both the owner and his wife are chefs in the open and visible kitchen adjoining the bar and will do anything to ensure that you enjoy your visit. This, combined with moderate prices on Thai/New American/French foods that work well together keeps me coming back when I'm up in B'more. While I can't compare to Scooby's knowledge of wine (he is a wine vendor), I've found their selection small but more than adequate. If you find yourself around downtown Baltimore and The Charleston is full, give Ten-O-Six a try and let us know what you think.

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      Oh, the crab spring rolls there are fantastic and huge! Split as an appetizer and you won't be too full for your dinner! Also, their Pad Thai is fantastic too, huge shrimp and chicken. They'll do all shrimp if you like, but may charge a bit extra.
      We used to go a lot when we lived in the neighborhood. It was originally owned by a sweet wonam named Carol. They had an awesome chinese chicken die for. The menu changed slightly when the place changed hands, but still a favorite that we don't visit often enough.

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        Well there it is then. We'll have to get back over there and delve farther into the menu. Given the amount of praise I have always heard for the place, I figure it's worth another go. We DID enjoy ourselves, BTW, let me be clear about that. I guess all the hype built up grand expectations. We'll be back.