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Feb 24, 2002 05:59 PM

goodbye, Cruel world....(B-more hounds)

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Baltimore, Smalltimore, call it what you will, but either way it is getting risky for this wine salesperson to continue to post here in a totally open fashion without getting noticed by a client sooner a or later. The restaurants I call on that lurk this board right now are super cool people, and I have no problem knowing they read what I post. But sooner or later a less-than-cool customer is going to roll through and get their linguini in a twist over some critique I have posted, especially if this board gets more, er, publicity. So I'm going with an alias from here on out, and I'm doing it now before we come under the microscope. Current hounds will figure it out soon enough (assuming, of course, that I have ever said anything worthwhile, and THAT is open to considerable debate), and gives this here post a week to get buried before anyone else notices.

And so, the poster-formerly-known-as-Lucien says-

Ciao, Hounds!

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  1. To the poster formerly known as Lucien:

    I would just like to say that I think you are doing the right thing by being pseudoanonymous; though I also would like to say that it is too bad that you have to do it. Funny thing is that I've always heard owners say that they would rather someone say something bad about their restaurant than not say anything at all so as to have a chance to make things better; I guess human nature is such that very few of us take criticism well.

    Still looking forward to your comments, no matter what name you use!