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Feb 23, 2002 08:14 PM

Jerry's Seafood Restaurant In Lanham, MD: D. C.'s Best?

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I don't know. We went at 4:45 Saturday afternoon and couldn't get in. There was already a one hour wait and we needed to be back in Reston by 7:30. Bear in mind that we drove from Reston to Seabrook for this, stood in the tiny, cramped dining room for 15 minutes debating whether to order $100 carryout and eat in the car Finally we decided that to do the restaurant justice we had to eat there-another time.
Having said all this the $30.95 ten ounce lump crab bomb looked incredible. The $7.00 cream of crab soup had huge chunks of crab floating in the top of the bowl and the cole slaw looked like Jerry's grandmother must have made it. But the smell! Arguably the best smelling dining room of any restaurant in the entire D. C. area.
God! Did it smell good!
I have been to Jerry's before but it has been a number of years. At the time I hadn't been to Angelina's or Stoney's or Captain's Galley. Now that I have I'm ready to pass judgment on the legendary crab bomb.
I just have to get in the restaurant to eat it. At 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon.
We'll be back.

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