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Feb 23, 2002 08:05 PM

Horrible Disappointment: The Fall Of Bombay Tandoor's Chicken Tikka Masala

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Several months ago I posted on here that I had found Chicken Tikka Masala the equal of the best in the U. K. Several people visited Bombay Tandoor at Tysons Corner and told me they didn't share my enthusiasm. Pretty good for suburban Indian but no more.
Well tonight my wife and I had the butter munchies and the need to consume the most calorically intensive main dish we could find. Chicken Tikka Masala at Bombay Tandoor.
I won't waste any more words. UGH! Just absolutely nothing distinctive about it. Nothing. Dried out chicken smothered with rather bland sauce. Nan that was suppose to have chunks of fruit and nuts but had what appeared to be a few tiny pieces not like the chunks we found before. The pilau rice with fruits and nuts was still exemplery.
We'll never go back. My apologies to those who went here and were disappointed. I fully understand why.

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  1. Joe, what was your runner up in the category? I almost considered going to your blue ribbon winner ;).

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      I think Heritage of India in about the 2200 block of Wisconsin Avenue near Georgetown along with the Bombay Club in the 800 block of Connecticut Avenue were overall the two best. At Heritage of India they have sensational tandoori shrimp among other excellent dishes. We've been there four times and I feel comfortable recommending it. We liked the upscale ambience of the Bombay Club; the food overall was excellent but perhaps a notch below Heritage. Udupi Palace in Langley Park is also very good but, incredibly, I have not had chicken tikka masala there. (I was there about two years or so ago just as I was beginning my obsession.) For lack of a better description I would describe this as more of a "locally" oriented restaurant while both of the others are more upscale.
      Thanks for asking.