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Feb 21, 2002 11:35 PM

Incredible: Actual Angelina's Crab Cake Recipe (All Time Balt Champion)

  • j That is the site for Angelina's restaurant on Harford Road in Baltimore which has won the Baltimore Magazine title of best crab cake in Baltimore for 16 out of the last 20 years and for over 10 years in the Baltimore City Paper along with numerous other awards.



This is the absolute best crab cake I have ever had. Remember my post of three or four months ago of searching for the best crab cake throughout not just the state of Maryland but all over the U. S.? Well this is it! And, My God, but they're actually publishing the recipe!

If anyone makes these remember you MUST use lump Maryland crab meat (it's sweeter). NOT the lump crab meat that is sold at Costco under the Phillip's label. That's not Maryland or even Carolina or Virginia crab meat. It's from the Pacific Rim and not as sweet. Go to Maine Avenue and buy lump for $22.00. Otherwise spend $38.00 and buy it from Fresh Fields or Sutton Place. But use LUMP crab meat. If you can't get it don't even bother to make it. Part of Angelina's greatness are large chunks of crab meat, so many that the eight ounce baseball sized crab cakes appear to be all lump and no filler.

Anyway, this is it. The crab cake to end all crab cakes debates.


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  1. But how can they possibly say--

    "(Old Bay is optional)?" Kidding.

    Have had them, years ago, and they were great. There is a reason that Angelina's has been around forever.

    1. Ahhhhh...Angelina's. Not just the place with the BEST crabcakes (Angelina's Surf and Turf is the stuff of dreams), but good everything else. I have not had a bad meal there. Their mussels are a fantastic starter.

      But I digress...if you like to eat, Angelina's is the place to start or end a little Parkville Pilgrimage of Food. My lucky friend, Chuck, does not need to make a pilgrimage, he lives within walking distance of all these places. Luckily, he is a chowhound, too, and gladly appeases my desire to visit him AND the food.

      Angelina's Seafood-Italian-Irish Pub is a restaurant with a menu that you just kind of close your eyes and drop you finger. It is SO extensive, you need umpteen trips. This trip, get the crab cakes and see what we mean.

      On the same side of the street is the Fenwick Bakery (7219 Harford). This is one of those places that if you don't get to it early, you don't get nuthin'. So if you are doing the grand might want to start here first and pick up something for dessert. Great great donuts and danishes.

      A few doors farther down on the same side of the street is Mueller's Delicatessen (7207 Harford). It's your classic German deli full of all those wonderful pig products that Germans are so known for. Stock up on my favorite stinky kase (cheese): Tilsit (triple wrapped in my fridge, but well worth it).

      And finally, across the street is Mastellone's Deli and Wine Shop--my favorite (7212 Harford). It's not only a deli, but a little Italian grocery, too. Get your polenta, your tuna in olive oil, your Illy coffee...everything you could need for Italian dinner fixins. I just love their frozen lobster ravioli. It is expensive, but worth it. They also have frozen or refrigerated pizza dough. And the wine!!!! All Italian. And not just recent vintages. Somebody there knows his stuff. Everything out there being sold is ready to drink NOW. The wine buyer must buy cases and store them and then puts them out for purchase right when they should be drunk. Ahhh...if only I had stocked up on the 1994 Felline Primitivo. ((((sigh)))))

      Could you ask for more YUM packed into a one-block radius? If you can...I'd sure like to hear about it.

      Enjoy eating Parkville!


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      1. re: dstultz


        I'm ashamed. My wife and I have been driving the 100 plus miles round trip from Reston, VA to Angelina's for years and have not stopped at the other places you mentioned. Ugh!!! What have we missed! Also, because we only come to Angelina's once every six months or so we're probably locked in to an order of crab cakes for each of us and crab imperial "for the table." I should note here that their crab imperial may actually be BETTER than their world champion crab cakes.

        I also see a trip coming where, on a weekend, we have lunch at Angelina's and dinner at Jerry's in Seabrook. The definitive search for Maryland's best.

        Our ignorance of this wondrous concentration in such a small area will soon be corrected. Thank you for a great post.

      2. I do not see the recipe on the website??? Am I missing something?

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        1. re: paulajsomerville

          About 13 years and I believe an ownership change to (and restaurant closing). But here's the recipe from the Sun: