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Feb 20, 2002 12:21 PM

Mendocino Grill and Wine Bar

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I tried Mendocino Grill in Georgetown last week and had a fantastic experience. We split the goat cheese and wild mushroom bruschetta and the calamari appetizers. Both very tasty. For dinner we both had the special which was pan roasted halibut with a white bean salsa served with wild mushroom risotto. We also had a fantastic Merlot from Napa (the name escapes me at the moment). We skipped dessert but the dessert menu looked very diverse and intriguing. I would definitely go back again. There were numerous entrees on the menu that looked fabulous and the wine list was quite good. I'm curious to know if anyone else has tried this restaurant and what your thoughts are.

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  1. OH YEAH! My hubby and I LOVE this place. I am a chowhound and the husband is a wino, and this place leaves us both with happy tummies and palates. See my posting under restaurant week reviews. I go pretty in depth and wax poetic about eating there. This place seems to be under the radar of other chowhounds and even magazine/paper food critics. Which I find hard to believe. We can't possibly be the only ones that love this place, can we?


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      There's nothing wrong with a man who is a wino as long as it is occasionally good wine. I have over 600 bottles, of which a few are good. Of course I tell my wife that they are all extraordinary.

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        Heck no...there's nothing wrong with a wino-man. I think I'll keep mine. Perhaps I made it sound derogatory by my use of the word wino. It is just easier to type than oenophile.

        His collection is just under a hundred (and one magnum). I keep his collection in check by threatening to spend the same amount on shoes. :-)


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          What I didn't mention is that I am more into shopping than I am into food. I put a post on the "General Board" about real factory stores, outlets and tent sales both in the U. S. and in Europe. If you are going to buy shoes then you should know that Bruno Magli for women which are $300 and up here are available at their outlet in Milan (with a GREAT selection) in the middle of January for under $60. Gucci, Prada, Zegna and many others all have serious "real" factory stores in Italy that my wife and I have actually flown there just to take advantage of bargains. Coincidentally some of these stores are near the source for truffles and the trips might have been in truffle season when restaurants like Guido, a Michelin two star, feature them but we both return happy. Wine in Italy is half the U. S. price and I personally have contributed to the diet of one of the fat beagles at Dulles Customs who has a real keen nose for Tuscan salami and proscuitto which he has sniffed out as contraband. Neither he nor they have cared about the case plus of Super Tuscans and Chianti Classicos that I might have brought in. Just the salami and proscuitto. Once he even sniffed an eppousse that I brought from France but he (and they) let me by. I guess he doesn't appreciate good cheese.

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            Thanks for the fantastic information!