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Feb 8, 2001 06:43 PM

Keur Baobab: anyone been?

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Has anyone tried Keur Baobab in the Mission for Senegalese? Can anyone characterize Senegalese food for me? I haven't tried this yet.


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  1. I assume you are talking about the place up the street from Beauty Bar. I've been mostly for drinks, and had only brief samples of the food. Fried plantains were good and satisfied the cravings of my housemate, who developed a taste for them in Ghana. I've had bites of the other small plates, but I can't come up with any explicit memeories.

    The drinks alone are worth a trip, however. They make their own juices/essences and create a variety cocktails out of them. Ginger and tamarind are two of the four extracts - the others are not popping into my head at the moment.

    Weekends get crowded and loud quickly, which is great if you're in the mood for a party, but might wear on you if you're hoping to have casual conversation while you eat.