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Feb 19, 2002 03:22 PM

where to buy meat in baltimore area?

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seeking butcher/store that sells good steaks and meat and will sell in relatively low quantities, enough for say three or 4 people. while I love Costco, am looking for something a step up from them.

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  1. Believe it or not, Santoni's grocery store has surprisingly good tenderloins and roasts. Their meat department has also given us good service, so I'm sure they would be willing to work with you on quality and quantity. The other place that we go is the Butcher's Barn on Joppa Road just inside the Beltway. They'll even butcher a deer for you should the need arise.

    There are also meat stores within the several markets in Baltimore (Fells Point; Cross Street; Lexington; Pennsylvania Avenue). We haven't gone to any of these, but (for example) one of my friends who used to cook at a local restaurant gets all his lamb from the market in Fells Point, so I'm sure you'll be able to find what you need.

    1. Try Eddie's/Victor's in Roland Park. Victor's once was independent, it was down Roland Avenue, and was absorbed by Eddie's. I haven't been up there in a while, but for my money they had the best meats.

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        I'm definitely looking forward to trying some of the other suggestions posted here, but I thought I'd throw in another vote for Victor's in Eddie's on Roland Ave.

        I've come to the conclusion that there are just a few things in life that are worth spending money on to get the quality, and for me, meat is one of those. To that end I splurged for Victor's prime filet mignon on Saturday. These steaks were awesome. It was more than I normally spend for a dinner at home, but the looks on my guests faces as they ate was worth the price of admission. Besides, it was still less than half what I would have paid at a typical steak house.

        And now that I think about it, I would also add that I had some pretty amazing New Zealand lamb loin chops from Fresh Fields in Mt. Washington.


      2. I have great luck at Broadway Chicken and Meat. It is the big meat counter in the second building of Broadway Market (the one farther away from the water). they will prepare anycut of meat or chicken anyway you want. I have never had a bad purchase there. The seafood market next to it isn't that great.

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          Melissa Garland

          I second this recommendation. I almost always get meat at the Broadway market. It's better and less expensive than the supermarkets- and an actual person will speak with you and prepare the meat for you any way that you need it.

        2. I concur with the above. But take the trouble to drive out to Wagner Bros. in Mt. Airy sometime. They started out decades ago providing butchering services and cold lockers for local farmers and hunters. Gradually, they began to buy from their customers, and sell the meat at retail. The selection is conservative (beef, pork lamb mostly), and if you need a particular animal it's best to call ahead, because they butcher different things on different days; but the quality of what they offer is superb. (Though the homemade sausage tends to be salty.) The pork shoulder and country-style beef ribs are particularly good, and great buys.

          1. As a Laurel food hound, I always go to the Laurel Meat Market on Main Street (gotta love a butcher that has a big cow outside the store). They will do/get anything for you that you want, as long as you call ahead of time. Ducks, goose, tuna, short ribs, you name it. They also have quite a deep selection of made-in-house sausages that are quite good (my favorite being the french garlic and onion--mmmmm!) If you are in the southern end of Baltimore, this wouldn't be too far out of your way.