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Feb 17, 2002 10:47 PM

Margaret's Soul Food and African Cuisine

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received a flyer in the mail and was intrigued to see a menu with "jolof rice" "fufu" "curried goat" etc advertized. by the time we got there (8 pm) most of the african food was gone, unfortunately. (it appears to be mostly ghanian food.)

margaret was a really friendly lady (she cooks with her sister). apparently, she started her place in september 2001 and business has been tough. she said to come back next time around 6 pm when she has chitlins (sp?), pork chops, catfish, mac and cheese etc. i'm not a connoisseur of soul food but i'll be there next weekend to try more dishes!

brought home some jolof rice, black eyed peas with plantain, barbequed ribs and collard greens (all for $15!) the jolof rice and black eyed peas were slightly underseasoned for my taste (but i'm addicted to spicy food). the collard greens were the best of all the dishes i tried.

the address is 6230 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312. (it's in landmark plaza opposite the big and tall store)

oh and they deliver too (phone number: 703-941-1200)

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