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Feb 15, 2002 12:26 PM

Best Pad Thai

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My girlfriend has ordered Pad Thai (actually, Pad Thai Pak) at numerous area Thai restaurants, yet can't make a decision on which one(s) have the best Pad Thai. I figured if she can't make the call, other Chow Hounds could. Any recommendations/declarations of the best Pad Thai in the DC Metro area?

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  1. Crystal Thai on Rt. 50 in Arlington (between Ballson and Seven Corners)-- very pleasant restaurant and excellent pad thai. Far better than versions I've had at Sala Thai, Cafe Asia or Tara Thai, although all those restaurants have their strengths.

    1. My husband, the unadventurous eater, loves pad thai. We've tried Tara Thai (Vienna original), Neisha Thai (Tysons branch), Bangkok Garden (Bethesda), and Benjarong (Rockville).

      His favorite is Benjarong by a wide margin. However, that may be in part because he doesn't like the shrimp component of pad thai, and Benjarong offers a pork variation.

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        I had great pad thai at Thai Pilin (a small restaurant on route 7 in Tyson's Corner, in the strip mall with Kinko's and Tower Records) a couple of years ago.