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Feb 15, 2002 11:28 AM

Ethiopian in Silver Spring

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Does anyone know of a good Ethiopian restaurant in Silver Spring/Wheaton? I am familiar with those down in Adams Morgan and Georgetown but the burbs seem to be lacking. Any hints?


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  1. Recently reviewed in The Post Weekend (sorry, I don't have the link) I believe it's on Georgia Ave.
    I haven't been myself, but it's casual & not expensive.
    I've only been to Red Sea (poor service!) and Meskerem (better!)
    Most Ethiopian restaurants around here seem to be in Adams Morgan...

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    1. re: Lori S

      It's on Georgia at the corner of Thayer, which is a few
      blocks south of the intersection of Colesville and
      It's definitely adequate. I don't have much recent
      basis for comparison - it is very close to me and good
      enough that it's been quite a while since I wanted to
      brave the whole schlepp to Adams-Morgan (equally a
      pain either by car or metro). So I'm no longer sure
      what I might be missing, you know?
      They don't have honey wine. The evil county liquor
      laws apparently make it impractical.
      There is also a building on Fenton that has had a sign forquite a while saying that an Ethiopian restaurant was going to open there, and some renovations were definitely being made to the building, but no more than
      that yet.