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Feb 14, 2002 04:57 PM

Vegetable Garden Lunch-WOW!

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I ate for the first time at Vegetable Garden in Rockville today...for lunch. All I can say is that it was fantastic and so, so, so inexpensive. Four people ate for $27. Lunch specials were $5.99: you got your entree, spring roll, soup, and rice (though two people in our party got these zucchini/pickle type things instead of rice). Enough food to make two meals! I really and truly don't know how they do it. The sesame bread to start (which somebody talked about on here) was warm and yummy, with a hint of sweetness (there was a bit of yellow in the bread...sweet corn maybe?). I had the white jade rolls...the very first time I have ever come across cranberries in Chinese cooking. I loved the pictures of every dish on the menu. The menu is so varied, there is not one type of eater who would feel left out here. Eclectic, delicious, and inexpensive--who could ask for more?!

Thank you fellow chowhounders for recommending such a find!!!! Your recommendations sent me there. Thank you all!



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  1. Thanks for the website, Debbie. I, too, learned about The Vegetable Garden from chowhounds. Our first visit was last Saturday for lunch. Wow is an understatement.