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Feb 14, 2002 11:46 AM

Good, inexpensive eats near White House?

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Am flying into town tonight, staying near White House, want to grab a quick inexpensive (yet good) dinner near my hotel. Any suggestions?

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  1. For lunch, see my post below about Metro Center.

    Sounds like you want dinner though. Try Old Ebbitt Grill (they have a variety of prices from reasonable to pricey), or Red Sage (upstairs). Those are the northern side of the WH...not as familiar with other surrounding streets. Watch out for Valentine's Day diners!

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      THE place to go is Breadline, on Penn Ave, between 17th and H Sts, directly across from the World Bank. It has become very popular- delicious sandwiches on a variety of baked breads (grilled vegetable is great- huge and <$6 when I was last there), soups, calzones,individual pizzas, smoothies, veggie drinks, and baked desserts to top it all off (leave room for the peanut butter chocolate bars!). I used to go often when I worked closeby, and the owner, who is there baking everyday, is incredibly gracious and nice, and really varies the menu, which has since expanded, while quality remains high. VERY highly recommended, but be prepared to stand in line among the busy lunch crowd.

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        Ditto on Breadline - it's my favorite place to eat lunch in DC! But instead of the peanut butter bars, I'd save room for the grown-up Oreo - two homemade chocolate cookies with mascarpone cheese in the middle. Just divine!