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Feb 14, 2002 02:50 AM

good value eats in frederick, md?

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Hi everyone,
any tips on chow-destinations in frederick, md? thanks!

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  1. There are tons of restaurants in and around Frederick. I am not sure what you mean by "value eats". There are many locally owned restaurants located right downtown in Frederick. We are also surrounded by many chains. One good deal comes to mind is the Airways Inn located at the Frederick Municipal Airport. Lots of food for not much money.

    Check below for the list I gave jujubee just before Thanksgiving (around 11/23?). I have also provided a link to Digital Frederick which has a restaurant guide.

    Let me know if you have something specific in mind.


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    1. re: Liz

      The date of the Frederick discussion below is on 11/15/01. Let me know if you need more than that.

      1. re: Liz

        thanks for referring me to the previous thread on frederick. do you know any good delis with more than the standard fare i.e. baked breads, italian meats and cheeses? thanks again!

        1. re: mpong

          Unfortunately, this area is not real strong in the deli department. There is a new coffee/bakery place called Panera on 355 South near the Francis Scott Key mall. Good breads to take out and some soups and sandwiches on the menu. Also, Luke's on Crestwood Boulevard is owned by an Italian guy. He makes good sandwiches. Probably the best thing to do is buy bread from a bakery and make your own. Crabapples deli, downtown is popular but I have never been there. I think it's only open for lunch. If I think of any more I will let you know.

          1. re: Liz

            Panera is a national chain. It has a very comfortable atmosphere, but all their bread is frozen mediocre "sourdough" coming in from a central commissary. There are several Paneras around the area - in Rockville, Aspen Hill, Germantown, etc.

            This is not a destination for good food, but a stop on the way to somewhere...

            1. re: Mimi

              After trying several of their pastries, our general feeling is: Much of it looks better than it tastes.

              And the bagels are terrible!

              But, some things like the danish and the sandwiches are not bad, and it's a good place to relax with the paper and multiple cups of the decent coffee.

              1. re: Mimi

                Panera recently started selling a non-sourdough "French" baguette that I decided to try one day when I forgot to buy baguettes at the Breadline downtown to go with my famous baked brie. To my surprise and delight, the Panera baguette was actually pretty good, and subsequent purchases (to go with compote de lapin, among other things) were equally good. So there is now one thing I can buy at Panera without compromising my standards.