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Feb 13, 2002 04:51 PM

anti-Valentine's day

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Even though I'm a newlywed, I am annoyed by Valentine's Day as a concept and have resolved to have a girls' night out with a group of singles and not-so-singles. I am trying to think of a place where we can get drinks and munchies without being surrounded by smoochy couples. I was thinking tapas, but Jaleo might be packed. Meze in Adams Morgan? Or should we just go to an Irish pub and drink the night away? Creative suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Respectfully, but you might want to consider a restaurant that caters to a great many attorneys.

    Valentine's Day, especially for a couple recently married, is a day to be celebrated together-not alone. I have flown back from Europe just to be with my wife on this day. I felt it was that important.
    Please don't be offended but you may want to reconsider.

    I've known couples together for 40 years that still hold hands-even when no one is looking.

    1. Hi TerriS - hope you had a nice time last night. I, too, am greatly annoyed by all the valentine, mass market money hype.

      But I agree with Joe. Although my husband (who thinks every day should be Valentines!) and I do not celebrate this faux holiday by exchanging gifts or lighting candles or eating too much chocolate, we do exchange kisses and hugs and pick a special restaurant for dinner.

      I have been visiting Chowhound, making lists of great and new places to explore. Sadly, on Wednesday my sweet chunk announced his Lenten diet plans: salad only until Easter/Passover. On Thursday, I bought him a can of Valentine Veg-All and we dined in: I warmed his veggies and plated my Thai take-out. The point, for us, is that we enjoyed a wonderful valentine together without supporting a faux holiday.

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        Wow, I'm so glad people care about whether or not I spend this random Thursday with my husband or not. In the interest of chowhounding, I will inform you that I went to the Dubliner, which still had a pretty high number of smoochy couples (and even worse, smoochy TOURIST couples :) ). But the potato skins were cheesy, the spinach dip was creamy, and the beer was aplenty.

        As for the rest of the holiday, I direct you to the Washington Post article below. I'll take a lifetime of days spent being good to each other over one dinner on a random Thursday any time. Cheers.