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Feb 12, 2002 03:11 PM

restaurants in Virginia

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We're visiting my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Burke this weekend. Are there any restaurants nearby (Fairfax to Springfield) that are both good and child-friendly?

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  1. Villa Bella in Burke (in the K-Mart shopping center off Burke Center Parkway) is great and they have a children's menu - even a heart-shaped pizza. I've only been there once but the food was delicious and there were lots of children there.

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      Beulah Saideman

      It turned out that our son and his family had eaten at Villa Bella the night before - it's right near their home. So we went to a mediocre Chinese restaurant.

      But Saturday my husband and I went to the Heart & Hand in Clifton and had a very nice lunch. I had salmon and he had chicken, both very well prepared and with terrific al dente vegetables. On Sunday we had brunch at the Hermitage, also in Clifton, which was really terrific. While it was a very formal place, we saw a family with younger children than my 6-year old granddaughter eating there.