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Feb 11, 2002 10:57 AM

thank you -- and new question re: brunch near Ford's Theater

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My housewarming party on 02/02/02 was a raging success. 60 people (with plenty of room to spare!) great food, great wine, and a lively time was had by all. Thanks to all who gave me advice on proportions -though, as usual, had LOTS leftover.

New Question: In-laws are coming for the weekend, and we've got tix for Rappaport at Ford's Theater on Sunday, for the matinee. What's a good place for brunch, dim sum, or something similar before the show? Need something fairly "light," since we will have gone out for a BIG dinner the night before, and fairly inexpensive, since the BIG dinner will be fairly costly. HELP!

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  1. For a casual light but pleasant breakfast near Ford's Theater I would suggest Teaism -- just a few blocks from Ford's on 9th -- a few blocks further away try Jaleo -- the usual selection of tapas, and additional brunch type tapas -- nice because if you're eating lighter you can just order fewer items