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Feb 8, 2002 01:46 PM

Is B.Smith's at Union Station any good?

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As a Capital Hill resident, I felt like staying local tonight and just going out to dinner on the Hill. As most of you know, the Hill is starved for great places to eat (Jimmy T's and Las Placitas are my favorites). With that aside, I've heard that B.Smith's at Union Station is beautiful due to it being in the old Presidential Waiting Room. One thing I haven't heard is how the food is and what to get. Any last minute advice from my fellow hounds?

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  1. I've always enjoyed the "Swamp Thing" :>)

    I'd say the food is good, not great, but certainly flavorful. The portions are generous and the room is pretty spectacular too.

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      the macaroni and cheese and the red beans and rice are fab. although the macaroni and cheese is on the menu as a side, you can order the entree portion. The desserts are also yummy in a sweet and gooey way -- good chocolate red velvet cake.

      I second the earlier email -- food is good, not great, and can be pricey, but the ambience is certainly nice, and I think is one of the more elegant spots to dine in D.C.

      Have also heard that Montmartre on the Hill is good if you're trying to stay local.