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Feb 7, 2002 09:26 AM

What's happened to Il Forno's pizza in Gaithersburg???

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Does anybody know?

I used to consider that place on Rte 355 at Walnut Hill Shopping Ctr. as a favorite pizza haunt. Especially the crusts & non-greasiness of it all.
We hadn't been in a few months, so hubby, daughter & I went Tuesday night. It's changed a lot since then, and I can't say it's for the better.

Il Forno is a 3-store local chain (other locations in Frederick & Bethesda), so I can't vouch for the other 2 places (except my continuing complaint that the parking in Betheda sucks, incl. 1-hour & 2-hour parking meters, in garages too, charging till 10pm on weeknights!).

Now an Indian cafe called Metro Dhaba has moved into Il Forno.
I used to pass by Metro Dhaba in its former location, a hole-in-the-wall near the "transfer station" (i.e. dump) near Shady Grove Rd. I had heard despite the decor & location, the food was cheap & pretty good. Don't get me wrong - I like Indian food & eat it often.

But now Il Forno is very cluttered & dingy in the back seating area with extra fridges, boxes of food supplies, and paperwork spread out on a table. Our service was slapdash casual - "plonk" goes the bundle of flatware, and the server was sniffling & hacking with some cold. Our Pizza Florentino had a good crust as usual, but was too salty & not as good as on previous visits.

Hubby said "What's happened to this place? It's gone downhill." We won't be going back anymore...

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  1. The one in Bethesda still serves excellent pizza, but the age old parking issue is still there. Ate at the one in Gaithersburg and had to agree that it's gone downhill. If you go to the Bethesda one on a weekend there is a public parking across the street that's free on the weekend.

    1. The one in Frederick hasn't changed in all the years I have been here. It's in a plaza on Rte. 40 (The Golden Mile) and parking is free in the shopping plaza. It's a very small restaurant but the pizza is great. Good calamari too.