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Feb 6, 2002 01:03 PM

Cheese Place

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I read a blurb about a cheese cafe opening up on Charles Street in Baltimore. You were supposed to be able to bring your own wines. Anyone know the name or if it is open yet?

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  1. I think you're thinking of La Cambaleau (sp?) in the 800 block of Calvert Street. It's been open a month or two. Nice selection of good cheeses and meats. However, the prepared food (sandwiches, quiches, etc.) isn't that great—at least not worth the walk, to me. Maybe it needs to be around for awhile, for the smell to permeate the place, then the food will taste better. It's too "clean" now.

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      Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

    2. yes, it's Combalou on Calvert. There is another post back in November if you care to look for it.

      I personally enjoyed my one lunch there. Both the warm prosciutto sandwich and three cheese quiche were quite tasty. The quirky decor is fun (faux Jersey cowhide covered booths). And if I recall correctly, they are BYO with a $5 corkage charge. Which is considerably less than the typical restaurant wine markup anyway.

      1. bear in mind that combalou is currently mostly a lunch and carryout spot -- they close at 6 pm except for fri. and sat., when they're open til midnight. there's talk of them remaining open for weeknights, which i heartily endorse, but don't know when or if that will begin.