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Feb 6, 2002 10:58 AM

Malaysia Kopitiam: What to Order?

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I think I got the name right. The place I have in mind is on M, near 19th. I've heard raves about it, but the couple of times I've been, I fear I've ordered the wrong things. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, I've only been there once, but the curry laksa soup with tofu is a big, spicy delight-- chock full of crunchy vegetables and yummy fried tofu. I'm going there tomorrow night actually-- I'll report back what we try.

    1. when we went 16 months ago it was fairly good but not worth a rave. I had the feeling we had not identified their best dishes. the mixed appetizer plate was quite good but the stir fried rice noodles (kway teo) were mushy and not so great, a bad sign. Raja chicken was too sweet and grossly overpriced for what it was. Since most malaysian cooks are highly specialized and there seemed to be some knowhow in the kitchen they probably have some good items. Looking forward to hearing what you had and how it was.