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Feb 5, 2002 09:31 PM

ethiopian in baltimore?

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Are there any good Ethiopian restaurants in Baltimore?
Any suggestions?

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  1. Sadly, there is only one that I know of. It's on Cgarles Street and I believe it's called Four Seasons. I went there a few months ago craving Ethiopian and was so disappointed. The service was spotty and the food was just ok. Also, we each ordered an entree and I think we ordered two additional entrees and none of us could tell if they were included on the large platter. We even asked for a salad each and one little lump came on the same platter.
    At the end of our disappointing meal we were entertained by a bunch of people moving sound equipment into the front window. Seems as though this spot turns into a club? One strange event after another.
    The worst part was we had been there a few years back and it was totally different. Great food, great experience.
    Must be new owners.
    Don't go.

    1. There's Ghion on Maryland/Cathedral where it intersects with Chase...see link below to Citypaper review...


      1. Yes there are. Please go to, at home page click on Restaurants by Type of Food, then browse down the pages until Ethiopian appears. One on Charles Street called Five Seasons. Check out website. It has one of the most complete restaurant listings by type, and by section of the city. Bon apetit! Feel free to email me if there would be any other questions or needs.


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, EMBalbierz

          Another method to find Ethiopian restaurants in Baltimore is to go to, click on index pages, go to Ethiopian, click on blue hypertext, at section there are three restaurants listed at this time, Five Seasons, Blue Nile, and Ghion. If I may be of further help, feel free to contact me.