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Feb 5, 2002 04:29 PM

Chinese places in Rockville

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Have people ever commented on the following restaurants?
A&J, Rockville Pike
Joe's Noodle House, Rockville Pike
Hunan Palace, Gaither Road, Gaithersburg
Chopstix, Washington St/Rd, Rockville
Seven Seas, Rockville

I think they are pretty good -- shall I be controversial and say I'd rather go to some of these places than to Full Kee?

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  1. I would love to hear more of your thoughts. Are there any particular dishes or styles of dishes that you like at one place or another? Any you don't like?


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      Seven Seas: Use the tanks as your menu - I particularly like whole fish Szechuan style (deep fried with a tomato-based sweet-ish sauce). Make sure you get the red menu, because the black one is just standard Americanized stuff.

      Hunan Palace: I used to work near there, and my China-born collegues disliked this restaurant. The food was good enough, but not great, and they didn't like the service. Once they discovered Mama Wok and Teriyaki, that was that. I love Mama Wok's sauteed bok choy.

    2. As a Full Kee lover, I would happily eat at A&J if it were more convenient to where I live and work. I have had wonderful food there and look forward to returning. Seven Seas can be quite good as long as they don't mark you as a "tourist"; some of the dishes on the Chinese menu are extraordinary.

      I have heard good things about Joe's Noodle House but I haven't been there yet.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC

      1. Just about all of these places are better than Full Kee. (Sorry about that. I will admit Full Kee is the best Chinese in the District, but that's not saying much....)

        A&J and Joe's Noodles serve AUTHENTIC Taiwan-style "xiao chi" or snack food. That's Taiwan-style, not Taiwanese, which means that these places are owned by folks from Taiwan who cook dishes from throughout China, but as you would get them in a restaurant (or at a street stand) in Taipei. This often means better quality and care in preparation than you can find in most places in mainland China. Don't miss pot stickers at A&J; fen zheng paigu (steamed ribs with rice powder and yams) at Joe's.

        Seven Seas, also Taiwanese, is spotty. Sometimes the food is good, but not always. Try do-su fish, a specialty of Taiwan-style Sichuan cooking.

        Yet another authentic Rockville place is China Canteen, south of Gude in a Rockville Pike strip mall. The dry-fried green beans (gan bian si ji dou) are great. Oily scallion cake (cong you bing) is tops.