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Feb 4, 2002 08:57 PM

great place for choosy veggie eaters

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Vegetable Garden is a GREAT veggie eatery, extensive menu, cooked to your liking (no MSG, no oil, low sodium soy sauce) so you don't have to feel bad about asking too much- the new 'hen of the woods' dish is fantastic! the lunch combination dishes are good deals, all under $10. don't forget to ask for the awesome baked bread- i could go there for that alone. enjoy!

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  1. FYI- Vegetable Garden is located at 11618 Rockville Pike, just north of White Flint Mall, directly across the street from the White Flint metro in a small plaza.

    1. Word of warning tho: the place is pretty small, and even on weeknights at 8pm there can be a wait when it's full. They have excellent "mock meats" made of veggies (tofu mosty) Excellent soups too. A healthfood market nearby, MOM/My Organic Market on Nicholson Ln near Boiling Brook Pkwy, also sells their soups, desserts & a few entrees to go.

      Another option for totally-veg Chinese with mock meats is Yuan Fu in N Rockville, on Rte 355 near Rte 28. Not quite as good as Vegetable Garden tho...

      1. My husband and I just came back from eating at the Vegetable Garden. Everyone was right - it has an extensive and exceptional menu. (Although I am still waiting to see the bread; I figured those two little cubes of sesame topped mini-sandwiches were not the bread offering, so I asked for bread. The waitress pointed to the empty plate and said, "You got bread," and left.)

        I had the Chicken with Cashews, which was delicious, but needed more sauce. My husband, who usually prefers a PB sandwich, ordered the Gyro with crispy fries. Although the tomato was quite mushy, he was supremely happy and even offered to accompany me when I return. Which I will. I have been a vegetarian for more than 35 years, and have never been to any restaurant quite like this one.

        Thanks guys...

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          the sesame topped, carrot-filled 'sandwich' is the bread to which i referred- sorry you were disappointed--you can ask for as much as you want, which i always do. if you do make a return, feel free to ask for more or less sauce, they are very attentive to your wants and needs.