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Feb 4, 2002 08:41 PM

Chowhound Dimsum Outing at Reston Fortune

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Some interest has been expressed in getting a group of Chowhounds to go for dimsum at the Reston branch of Fortune (I have never been, but hear it is very good). Sunday, February 10, has been selected as the appointed day, tentatively at 11am (so that we can get in easily). The more people we can get (up to about 10) the more things we can try!

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  1. Come on, people! Only one person has responded so far, leaving us with only five participants so far! We can do better than that!!

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    1. re: James G

      Yeah, come on you NOVA hounds! We want to be able to try every kind of dim sum they roll out on Sunday, and it will take more than five of us to do that!