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Feb 4, 2002 04:01 PM

Sunday Brunch in Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore?

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I'm going to be visiting Baltimore this month to go to the Walters and celebrate a birthday. I just read the AMAZING Baltimore tip sheet, which is truly a wonderful resource. I think we'll go to Helmand for dinner, followed by drinks at the Brewer's Art. (We're staying at the Clarion Hotel in Mt. Vernon and want to dine in the neighborhood.)

But i haven't yet found any suggestions for a good, informal Sunday brunch in this neighborhood. Can anyone recommend such a place?

Also, how about places near the Walters for an inexpensive lunch?

Thanks in advance. What would traveling be without Chowhound?

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  1. you know, it's funny -- Mt. V has some great restaurants, but nothing really springs to mind for lunch now that louie's is gone...

    city cafe won't be far from your hotel -- it's at the corner of eager and cathedral streets, one block west from charles street. however, it's more like upscale breakfast here than an actual brunch, though there *are* bloody marys!

    if you want a great sunday brunch and are willing to travel 15-20 blocks, there are some great options -- i'd recommend gertrude's at the BMA (menu influenced by french and eastern shore of maryland -- try the tilghman island eggs, like eggs benedict with oysters! -- and a dirty gertie, the house bloody.

    i[m fond of the pisces brunch (in the hyatt downtown). $30 per person, complimentary mimosas with fresh-squeezed oj, and the works food-wise.

    what kind of brunch, exactly, are you looking for?

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      Robert Sieczkiewicz

      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into City Cafe. I've been to Gertrude's for lunch, and thought it was great.

      As for brunch, i'm not looking for a fancy hotel brunch buffet with a guy in a white hat carving roast beef. I'm thinking of the kind of unpretentious neighborhood place with strong coffee and fluffy pancakes, where you read your newspaper while leisurely devouring that incredible monte cristo (or French toast or chorizo omelette) that you remember for weeks afterward. If Mt. Vernon isn't that type of neighborhood, i'm willing to explore others.

      1. re: Robert Sieczkiewicz

        Robert -

        The perfect place for your kind of brunch is the Morning Edition. Informal, even a little funky, with great waffles, pancakes, home fries, et al.
        The only problem is, it's located near Patterson Park, east of the downtown area and probably a 20-minute drive from your hotel. But if you can get there, I'm sure you'll be more than pleased that you made the trip.
        And enjoy the Walters!

        1. re: louis

          but if your going there, make reservations as it gets PACKED on the weekends!

          City Cafe is a decent option--though Ive had some bad, bad service there, but I think it depends on who you get and how you look how they treat you.

          I realize they've slipped alot, and I haven't gone to this myself, but I saw on the menu that Ixia serves brunch, and it is a beautiful interior. But it lookes sort of like "Asian fusion brunch," which does sound pretty sketchy. Probably City Cafe is your best bet in that neighborhood.

          1. re: louis

            i get soooooo tired of the morning edition sunday crowd scene -- the place just doesn't handle the overflow well at all, and it makes me grumpy when there are people hanging over my shoulder counting every bite of pancake i have left. makes me even grouchier when *i'm* the one standing there and counting!

            the thing is, morning edition serves the exact same breakfast on saturday mornings, and the place is never more than half full. so that's when i go to morning edition. my favorite place for sunday brunch is hull street blues.

            1. re: trix

              I second the recommendation of Saturday brunch at Morning Edition. Same food, no crowds.

              And I also second the above description of the Sunday brunch scene there. Too stressful for a place that should give you that peaceful easy feelin'. The game ain't worth the candle anymore.

      2. If you're visiting on a weekday, and you'd like a very inexpensive lunch with a load of history, go to the Women's Industrial Exchange at 333 N. Charles Street and get anything with chicken in it. I think it fits the definition of "near." As for the history, I couldn't begin to do it justice: there's plenty of websites that can explain this history of this place better than I can.

        1. Does Spike and Charlie's do brunch? Or Tesso Tana? Tesso Tana would be great. If you want a truly surreal brunch, there's always Tyson's place, next to Daugherty's - the 60-year-old plus homosexual population mingling with other assorted neighborhood old-timer drunks over decent eggs benedict. Some of the weirdest and best people watching to be done over bloody mary's to be done in this city. Warning; decor has NOT been touched since 1966. The Midtown Yacht Club (no yachts to be found - just a bar/restaurant) does a pretty decent brunch. Very casual, very local. It's on Center Street, about a block away from the Walters.

          1. Being a resident of Mt. Vernon I recommend the City Cafe: they have good, reasonably price, food and excellent brunch cocktails. As for the Monte Cristo, I would suggest Mt. Vernon Stable for brunch. It is located on Charles between Eager and Read streets, a couple blocks from your hotel...