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Feb 4, 2002 11:42 AM

Wye River Shop at Queenstown Outlets

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For a convenient lunch or snack stop to or from the beach, the Wye River shop has relocated to the Queenstown Outlet Mall (where Rts. 50 and 301 converge), replacing the NY-style deli. There's wonderful Maryland fried chicken, crab cakes, seafood or combo platters, seafood sandwiches, Maryland crab and cream of crab soups (both very good, and at $4.00 for a pint, quite generous), and a host of other goodies. Fresh fish and seafood on ice also available at market price for the ride back to the city. It wasn't local crab season when we were there, but the chicken was especially well done, and the tuna sandwich was heaping and fresh. They also make their own microbrew called Black Crab lager to wash down the crabs.

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